Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation– (VAL Foundation) is a non-profit artist initiative, founded in 2015 in Lagos as a space where artists cohabit to exchange ideas and co-create works with uncommon flair. As a non-commercial art space, the collaboration of contemporary artists with literary artists and scientific artists is our main focus as a platform for inter-disciplinary art projects.

The space is presently under construction to be activated with series of projects and programmes hopefully in February 2016, and serves as a space for communal living for contemporary artists in Africa and international artists.


Interdisciplinary Workshops

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation (VAL Foundation) is interested in experimental workshops initiated through collaboration of artists from different artistic genre: dancers, writers, musicians, dramatists, photographers, cinematographers, fine artists, street artists, IT artists, installation artists, video artist, architects and scientists. As a space for artistic expression, our intention is to promote interaction amongst different art forms to give birth to a new artistic expression/discussion and presented to the public in our gallery/public space.


Communal Art Education

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation (VAL Foundation) applies a self-motivated method of art education by using various formats to reach a wide audience locally and internationally. Our belief is that “art is not a product, rather it is a conversation”. Through research, both traditional and non-traditional approaches, resident artists and our audience shall be exposed to academic and systematic analysis in conclusion presented in artistic/discursive formats. Artists In Residence shall participate in different talks and create community art projects with a target to a particular sect in the community.

One part of our art education is to make literature and academic materials available in our space – an Analogue Library with variety of arts books, essays, journals, magazines and papers on different artistic practices as well as an Audio-Visual Library that avail both resident and visiting artists to investigate profoundly in research and also, present the public with a rich understanding on subjects in relation to different artistic presentations at the space and environs. Regularly, Vernacular Art Laboratory shall organise seminars and conferences with various interdisciplinary artists in Africa and international artists to enrich scholarly and artistic discourses.


Residency Programme

Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation (VAL Foundation) resolves to accept artists working independently from different disciplines periodically as resident artists to collaborate in a new project within a specific time frame. Our collaboration with artists on this phase of projects shall seek to concentrate on the contemporary issues affecting social-status of the post-colonial communities and the effect of post-modernism. The tenets of colonialism still permeate various strata of life making it an essential discourse of the 21st century and by highlighting the discourse through artists’ lenses and by making scholarly propositions; we are contributing to mediation process between then and now as new interventionists.